Hive Arena isn't just a coworking space in Seoul. It's a curated tech community around the world.

You could meet your potential business partner or local friends. You could learn some skills from others. You could drink your own coffee with coworkers. You could teach your skills to your coworkers. You could eat and cook your own food with our kitchen. You could travel to palaces, streets, or others of seoul.

You can be happier than you imagined.

What They’re Saying

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Coworking is not just about “working” together.

We provide a small coworking space in our house. It was built in 1972. At that time, Korea was a period of development after the Korean war. We called “Seojae” in korean. It was for study and a library. But It is disappearing now. Because many people like to live at apartments in seoul. It it very convenient. But we want to get experience with like-minded people together in part of history. We think “Coworking” is one of lifestyle. Many creators want to live in the world with working remotely now. But if you stay in a strange city, you need some help from someone or locals. You can exchange your skill with your new friends. It makes your life will be better. And you will get an unique experience for you. It is wonderful to have friends who can contact you whenever you come to Seoul.

Our coworking rates

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Per Day
  • Working Hours(10am ~ 8pm)
  •  Event Access
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150,000 (300,000)

Per Month
  • Flexible Working Hours
  •  Event Access
  • Slack Community
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Working hours?

We provide working hours(10am ~ 8pm, KST) officially for members use coworking only. We provide 24 hours for members use coliving(including coworking.)


When you use our monthly coworking membership, we provide 50% discount price. We can provide discounts available for long term memberships & teams.


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