Hyekyung, Jongjin are co-founders of Hive Arena.
Hyekyung, Jongjin are co-makers of Hive Arena.

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First, let's talk about us.

I'm Jongjin, also known as Jin. I founded Hive Arena with Hyekyung in 2014 as a coworking space. After three years, we converted it into a coliving space.

Read these stories about our journey below.

Since 2014, we made a curated coworking community.
Back in 2014, We opened a coworking space. It was in the Gangnam. When we started, we funded it ourselves. We had a goal to provide a unique coworking experience for our customers. We made history. People said Hive Arena was the first or the second coworking space in the
We have converted to a coliving house in 2017
It is a story about the coliving house, Hive Arena, which we built in Seoul, South Korea.

Now, I'm a full-time dad; I call the time billionaire dad because I want to spend a lot of time with my kid when he is young. And I'm looking for a niche because I want to build web apps and make some money. I'm in the hustle now. I want to be a serial maker.

And Hyekyung is a tech recruiter in a blockchain startup in Korea. She leveraged her network and skills to challenge herself in the new field. She has a ton of potential. Suppose she comes across a good opportunity in the future on the world's big stage. In that case, she will have an incredible career journey.

We(me and Hyekyung) shared significant moments of our lives with the friends we met in our business. We got married seven years ago. We invite our friends to our wedding. And we enjoyed our wedding after party with them. My kid was born in 2018. It was that we ran coliving space. He grew up among many uncles and aunts.

Our lives have changed a lot because of our friends. We met many people from all over the world. And we heard their stories, such as values, culture, and attitudes. Sometimes we stayed up late talking about various topics like social issues. It was so great because we learned some lessons from their perspectives. We always miss it.

After the Pandemic, we all know how essential it is to dedicate some time to our loved ones - our family, friends, and significant others. We, as humans, have come to appreciate and value it greatly. Also, we don't want to spend even a little time with people whose values are different from ours, who demonstrate discrimination against minorities and vulnerable people, like Donald Trump. For us, diversity is a significant value. Our friends are the same.

Throughout our business journey, we aimed to create a carefully selected community of individuals with the same interests and values. Our efforts have been successful, and people who have experienced our services know well that we did well.

We will launch a new service to improve our community beyond our previous standards. First, HyeKyung and I are going to share our stories. And we'd love to hear yours also. We'd love to spend time with you, such as on vacation or making plans to meet if we have opportunities.

It's a fantastic experience to have a trusted friend at the destination of your journey. We know that because we also reach out to trusted friends when we travel.

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